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Scorpion offers installers the latest in plotters and plotter technology including Roland, GCC, APD, Graphtec, and more. There are many advantages of using a cutter plotter machine in your tint shop. If you are looking to increase install speed, increase productivity, and reduce wasted industrial window tint rolls, then a plotter is for you.

A DIY pre-cut (computer cut) window tint is pre-cut using a computer for a specific make or model of vehicle. One benefit of these DIY pre-cut window tints are that they are easy to install. TintDepot now offers complete computer plotter systems that will cut the car pattern for both window film & Paint Protection Film (PPF.) New car patterns are updated weekly for both car tint & PPF.

Increase Productivity

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Computer Cut Window Tint Software
  • Speed80%
  • Accuracy90%
  • Waste Reduction90%

Why Use Film Plotters

Plotters are designed to increase speed in your shop. Using pattern software allows you to plug in the vehicle information and the plotter does the rest. This cuts out the step of manually cutting patterns which can reduce install time. Both the novice and the seasoned pro can benefit from this amazing technology.
When it comes to professional tint jobs, speed and accuracy are critically important. The faster you can do a job means more jobs per day. Accuracy ensures that your customers keep coming back and offer referrals to their friends and family. Plotters can do both for you. Creating patterns on the plotter can reduce or eliminate manual trimming mistakes especially for installers new to the industry. This comes in handy as the turnover rate for some tint shops is high. Training new installers can be a challenge. Quickly and accurately turn around high quality tint jobs.
No matter if your using cut rolls or full rolls there will always be waste on every install. The amount of waste can be reduced dramatically when using a plotter/software combination. The software maximizes film yield by tightly arranging the patterns on the film. You could see some substantial decreases in the amount of film you use. That is just more profit you put back into your pocket when you use a window tint cutting machine.

Computer Cut Window Tint Software Templates


Scorpion offers a revolutionary design software system that has opened up the window tinting and paint protection markets to auto dealerships and restyling professionals. This cutter plotter software is loaded with powerful design features that will quickly return huge profits. Scorpion also offers our customers a variety of quality, name brand plotters and pre-loaded computers.

There are three cutter plotter software programs to choose from including: Window Tint Pattern Program, Paint Protection Pattern Program, and the Combo Program which includes both Window Film and Paint Protection Patterns.

Software Features

Automotive Window Tint Cutting Machine

- Unlimited use of more than 2,500 different window pattern kits included- Covers most vehicles back to 1990- Additional database of over 25,000 pattern kits for Paint Protection application- Powerful design tools for editing patterns and designs- Ability to add designs, logos, and text to window film patterns- Ability to save changes on local computer- Unidirectional cutting and resize tool (industry first)- No per-cut fee- Creates signs, banners, and decals- Imports common EPS files

Window Patterns

Computer Cut Window Tint Software For Sale

Window Patterns